Noisebrigade “1999”

This mini album contains the first Noisebrigade experiments recorded back in 1999 into a tape which surfaced now after all these years. These tracks are demo quality but I hope that you’ll enjoy them anyway. It contains five tracks recorded back in 1999: 1 The Great Crash 2 Hit / Run 3 Another Attack 4 […]

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Neon – Obsessions (Der Klang 02)

Der Klang is proud to bring you the third Neon release. Recorded live in 1982, the “Obsessions” MLP shows really well the powerful sound the band had on stage. For the first time reissued on vinyl, “Obsessions” is available in a limited run in color and black vinyl. Neon “Obsessions” 1) Information of death 2) […]

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