Blastromen – “Cyberia”

Artist: Blastromen Title: Cyberia Format: CD Label: Dominance Electricity Rated:  Mika Rosenberg and Sami Koskivaara best known as the electro Finnish duo Blastromen, four years after their second album for Dominance Electricity are delivering for the same label their newest one, titled „Cyberia“. Available on CD and double 12“ (black or red plus poster) as well as digital (which […]

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The Exaltics – Das Heise Experiment 2

Artist: The Exaltics Title: Das Heise Experiment 2 Format: CD Label: Solar One Music Rated:  An alien who fell to earth, the creation of a new destructive weapon, two scientists who want to save their laboratory, an experiment gone bad and The Exaltics, an alien race that is surveilling the earth. This is the plot behind „Das Heise Experiment […]

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H2S – “Kosmos 96”

Artist: H2S Title: Kosmos 96 Format: MCD (Mini CD) Label: Biotasi Records Rated:  Eleven years after the latest album titled „Proteus Soundtracks“, H2S, solo project of Fabio Degiorgi, is back with a new mini album and a new sound. In 2007 we left Fabio dealing with „tracks always in balance between experimental intuitions, industrial sounds and also a bit […]

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Zanti – Broken Hearted City

Artist: Zanti Title: Broken Hearted City Format: CD Label: Downwards Records Rated:  When I received the Zanti CD I didn’t know what to expect from the music composed by two guys who were really famous in the 80s and which are still rockin’. Anni Hogan played with Marc Almond, being part of the Mambas, La Magia and The Willing […]

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The Danse Society – Futur1st

Artist: The Danse Society Title: Futur1st Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Society Records Rated: Released as a digital only single, “Futur1st” is the newest release for The Danse Society. While waiting for the conclusion of their seventh album’s recordings, this single is available on Bandcamp to help raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster […]

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DVS NME: Neural Chain

Artist: DVS NME Title: Neural Chain Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Ukonx Recordings Rated: Founded in 2011 in France by the electro producer Stephane Bastien which is also active under the moniker of Deemphasis, Ukonx Recordings, after four years of pause, is back on track with its ninth release. After releasing music by […]

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Huminoida – The Grey Area

Artist: Huminoida Title: The Grey Area Format: CD Label: Out Of Range Records Rated: Arriving four years after the previous release titled “Intoxicating Spring”, “The Grey Area” is the newest album by Finnish synth electronic project Huminoida. Containing nine new tracks, the album is focused on the dark synthpop side of Kimmo Karjalainen and if […]

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Happiness Project – Big Cities EP

Artist: Happiness Project Title: Big Cities EP Format: MCD (Mini CD) Label: Boredom Product Rated: Fred and Cyrille Tuyéras along with Christelle Fournioux, a.k.a. Happiness Project, are back with a new EP titled “Big Cities”; mini album which is anticipating their new album “Mutation”, that will be released on September 2018. “Big Cities” contains four […]

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Aidan Casserly – Creatures

Artist: Aidan Casserly Title: Creatures Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: House Of Analogue Rated:  In all the years of his musical career with his different projects, Aidan has always showed to people his sensitive side which allowed him to produce many passionate songs and to explore different sides of his personality, from the brightest to the darker […]

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Hexas – Liberty Nest

Artist: Hexas Title: Liberty Nest Format: MCD (Mini CD) Label: Hagshadow Rated: Hexas is the new creature born from the collaboration of Patrick Leagas of Sixth Comm/Godlesstate/Mother Destruction/SchrÄge Musik fame and Gaya Donadio (active as ANTIchildLEAGUE and boss of Hagshadow). “Liberty Nest” is their first release and contains six tracks that are the perfect mix […]

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VV.AA. – Naši Hostia: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 3

Artist: VV.AA. Title: Naši Hostia: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 3 Format: CD + Vinyl Label: 4mg Records Rated: Born to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Experimental Studio Bratislava, Slovakia, the “Experimental Studio Bratislava Series” arrived at its third and final volume. The first volume was focused on the pioneers of the Slovakian scene, people […]

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Sutcliffe Jugend – Shame

Artist: Sutcliffe Jugend Title: Shame Format: CD Label: Hagshadow Rated: When I think about Sutcliffe Jugend of ten years ago, I think about chaotic guitar noise and distorted vocals, while if I think about the ones of the early 80s, I think about feedback and power noise. So, what about their sound of the latest […]

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