La Machine “La Machine Qui Ne Sert À Rien”

“Artist: La Machine
Title: La Machine Qui Ne Sert À Rien
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: BoredomProduct
Rated: * * * * *

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La Machine is a new project created by Pierre Pi (Komplex, Position Parallèle, Communication Zéro…) and Éric U0 (Celluloide, Thee Hyphen, Signal/Bruit…). Inspired by science-fiction and B-Movies from the 50s, La Machine use these themes to show the absurdities of modern times where the nuclear nightmare and the control of individuals are actual themes… again! “La Machine Qui Ne Sert À Rien” (“The Unuseful Machine”) is their first single released by BoredomProduct and printed on 10″ and MCD. The main title is a cover of a track released in 1967 by the French model/singer Dani; the original version is a beat track that packs in two minutes so much energy to sound almost proto-punk. The version played by La Machine, is an electronic counterpart to the original song and ye-ye atmospheres are replaced by electronic blips and beats. The rhythm has been slowed down and even if the atmosphere is a bit darker and less danceable it still sounds fresh now as well as it was 56 years ago. The second track is an original one whose lyrics are really up to date with the recent historical facts we all lived: “FFP2” is an ironic critique of those still obsessed with the masks and remember that with a kiss we exchange tons of bacteria. Probably kissing will turn out to be a subversive act… again! Along with these tracks, the E.P. contains two different mixes plus another cover: a menacing version of Gershon Kingsley’s classic “Pop Corn”! Even if this is the first La Machine release it will be soon a classic of the BoredomProduct catalog! Check on YouTube the videos made for “La Machine Qui Ne Sert À Rien” and “FFP2” and enjoy their 50s sci-fi-themed modern horrors.