h/p “Programma”

Artist: h/p
Title: Programma
Format: CD
Label: BOREDOMproduct
Rated: * * * * *


“Programma” is the newest album by Happiness Project, which now changed its name shrinking the old one to h/p. By checking their personnel, I thought they changed the female singer, along the band’s name, as Christelle Fournioux doesn’t fit the C/P moniker you can find on the CD inner cover, but I was wrong as C/P is the new one after that Christelle married and took the Prévot surname . The new album has been delayed a while because of the vinyl print delay crisis and has been anticipated by the label BOREDOMproduct by two digital singles: “Black Tea” and “Ultraviolin”. Singles that contained also the extended version of the tracks (plus the exclusive “Liquid Mirror” available only on the promo EP gathering all the five tracks and titled after the exclusive track). Containing ten new tracks, “Programma” sounds seducing and elegant and it’s paying a tribute to ’80s music, which deeply influenced the band (see also the Alain Séghir of Martin Dupont playing the bass on the closing track “Vicinities”). They also wanted to underline the link with the European synth sounds by playing mostly old gear and if you don’t know what I’m talking about but you know how the first two Depeche Mode albums sound, well, now you know. The lyrics are like instant frames of memories made of emotions, questions and few answers.