The Overlookers “Teenage Wet Dreams”

Artist: The Overlookers Title: Teenage Wet Dreams Format: CD Label: Boredom Product Rated:  Anticipated by the E.P. “Driving Fast”, The Overlookers are delivering to the electro-pop lovers, their first album “Teenage Wet Dreams”. Containing ten songs (well, that’s nine if you count “Porn Night” as a “Prom Night” reprise) of which four we already checked with a different version […]

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Anni Hogan “Lost In Blue”

Artist: Anni Hogan Title: Lost In Blue Format: CD Label: Cold Spring (@) Rated: Blue is the color of sadness as well as the color of the sky and both things are making us feel overwhelmed: the first because of the weight of our contradictions and the second because we feel the beauty and the […]

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Record Store Day 2019 – “Factory Records story” con Stefano Oflorenz e Maurizio Pustianaz

E’ ufficiale anche nella pagina del Record Store Day 2019 italiano. Io e Stefano Oflorenz vi intratterremo con la storia della Factory Records e di qualche città inglese che fu il cardine della musica post punk tra la fine degli anni ’70 e la metà degli anni ’80. Io mi occuperò della scena di Sheffield! […]

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Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor “Color Colour” reissue, out now

Cabiria Recordings just reissued the first tape by Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor titled “Color Colour”. Originally released in 1982, it was sounding rough and fresh. Containing mainly rehearsal and live recordings (some of them were only recorded on one channel), it really needed a digital restore and Cabiria Recordings asked me to take care of it. […]

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Sound Synthesis – Soul Of The Droids EP

Artist: Sound Synthesis Title: Soul Of The Droids EP Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Ukonx Recordings Rated:  Two months have passed from the Kretz release and it’s time for a new EP coming from the Ukonx Recordings headquarters: this time the French label is releasing four new tracks by the Maltese project Sound Synthesis. Keith Farrugia started […]

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Noisebrigade Radio Show March 2019

The February 2019 episode of the Noisebrigade Radio Show is now online This month I’ve played the following: DO-PO – Rhythm DO-PO – Oxidization COLD PHOENIX – Stonehenge COLD PHOENIX – Sensation COLD PHOENIX – La Fleur Du Destin COLD PHOENIX – Binding Me To Dream DEAD RELATIVES – Dead’s Firstborn DEAD RELATIVES – Feather Tranquille DEAD […]

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391 Veneto is out now!

The sixth volume of the 391 series is out and I did the sound restoring on all the tracks. Check it out! 391 Vol. 6 Veneto Voyage Though the Deep 80s Underground in Italy Doppio cd disponibile dal 30 novembre per Spittle/Goodfellas Tracklist: . CD 1 1  PYRAMIDS (CHIARANO – TV): A WAY OUT (1980) […]

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Kretz – “You Have To Pay”

Artist: Kretz Title: You Have To Pay Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Ukonx Recordings Rated:  Jonas Lund a.k.a. Kretz born in Stockholm and has a long history in the music industry. He has a past as a record company A&R and as a label manager but as musician, he started making music on the C64, Atari and […]

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Aidan Casserly – “Steal For Love”

Artist: Aidan Casserly Title: Steal For Love Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: House Of Analogue Rated:  “Steal For Love” is the newest Aidan Casserly’s single and is a really nice one. It contains two songs: the main title and “The SIgn Before”. The melodies, the orchestrations, the sax inserts of the songs make me think about great […]

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Braconidae reviewed on Ondarock

Thanks to Marco De Baptistis for his review of Braconidae’s LP Braconidae Gaslighting 2018 (Luce Sia) | drone music, dark ambient, post industrial di Marco De Baptistis Braconidae è l’alias dietro cui si cela Emiliana Voltarel, già tastierista in band di stampo gothic-rock come Yabanci e Bazalt. Il suo debut album solista, intitolato “Gaslighting” esce in vinile per la […]

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