Noisebrigade Radio Show – S2 E1 now available

the second season of the Noisebrigade Radio Show has started! Here’s the tracklist: INTOLERANCE Drugs SUICIDE DATA Acque NEGATIVE VIBRATIONS – Rebel Deck KEROSENE – Stivali ABSURDO – O’vel METAL VOX – Future World IPNOTICO TANGO – Erotico Mango IVAN SIBERIA – Corps EUROTUNES – Osaki Motion 2+2=5 – Incontrando Mc. L CENTRAL UNIT […]

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Sigillum S – “The Irresistible Art Of Space Colonization And Its Mutation Implications”

Artist: Sigillum S Title: The Irresistible Art Of Space Colonization And Its Mutation Implications Format: CDS (CD Single) Label: Transmutation LTD Rated:  Sigillum S two years ago celebrated their 30th anniversary (one year later, because they started in 1985) by releasing three albums printed on CD, LP and tape. That moment was important for them not only because they […]

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Maschine Brennt – “Frisq EP”

Artist: Maschine Brennt Title: Frisq EP Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Ukonx Recordings Rated:  Joacim Thenander is a veteran of the electro scene. In the late ‘80s he was a member of industrial synth band Systema The Affliction and then on early 90’s he was a member of the duo Cultivated Bimbo, band that did several albums […]

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Athana / Andreasen – “Tapes From Slowland”

Artist: Athana / Andreasen (@) Title: Tapes From Slowland Format: CD Label: West Audio Music Rated:  Almost after two years from “Invisible Colors”, Alf Terje Hana and his project Athana are back with a new musical adventures. This time, for the album “Tapes From Slowland”, Alf teamed up with Guttorm Andreasen, who’s presenting himself on his website this way: “is […]

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Blastromen – “Cyberia”

Artist: Blastromen Title: Cyberia Format: CD Label: Dominance Electricity Rated:  Mika Rosenberg and Sami Koskivaara best known as the electro Finnish duo Blastromen, four years after their second album for Dominance Electricity are delivering for the same label their newest one, titled „Cyberia“. Available on CD and double 12“ (black or red plus poster) as well as digital (which […]

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Braconidae LP with Gerstein collaboration is out now

After the incredible first EP “Magnetic Reel”, out on Swiss Dark Nights Exp./Luce Sia, Braconidae is back with «Gaslighting»; a 40’ album, made of percussive, obsessive and obscure sounds, resulting from a deep research within the possibilities of her instrumentation, mainly made of synthesisers, (d)ronins and other percussive instruments (some self-built). «Gaslighting» features contributions by […]

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The Exaltics – Das Heise Experiment 2

Artist: The Exaltics Title: Das Heise Experiment 2 Format: CD Label: Solar One Music Rated:  An alien who fell to earth, the creation of a new destructive weapon, two scientists who want to save their laboratory, an experiment gone bad and The Exaltics, an alien race that is surveilling the earth. This is the plot behind „Das Heise Experiment […]

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H2S – “Kosmos 96”

Artist: H2S Title: Kosmos 96 Format: MCD (Mini CD) Label: Biotasi Records Rated:  Eleven years after the latest album titled „Proteus Soundtracks“, H2S, solo project of Fabio Degiorgi, is back with a new mini album and a new sound. In 2007 we left Fabio dealing with „tracks always in balance between experimental intuitions, industrial sounds and also a bit […]

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The 12th episode of the Noisebrigade Radio Show is now available!

The 12th episode of the Noisebrigade Radio Show is now available! YALTA – A New Day TAPE TRANSFER – Rescue Us PAUL RAY – Killer GERSTEIN – Kiawaltz-Chaoswaltz SIGILLUM S – Sambhogakaya THE SILVER SURFERS – M.o.n.e.y. Now! PALE DANW – Amanda BIRDMEN OF ALCATRAZ – Young Maiden Ghost THE TAPES – burning cars […]

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Gerstein – “Kiawaltz” reviewed by Ver Sacrum

Thanks to Cesare Buttaboni for his review of “Kiawaltz” on Ver Sacrum  Dopo la pubblicazione di 32 Years Of Rain, sorta di celebrazione del mitico progetto post industriale Gerstein di Maurizio Pustianaz, esce Kiawaltz, un altro importante documento relativo alla prima fase artistica che, a mio avviso, rimane anche la piu’ spontanea e carica di energia. L’approccio di […]

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Zanti – Broken Hearted City

Artist: Zanti Title: Broken Hearted City Format: CD Label: Downwards Records Rated:  When I received the Zanti CD I didn’t know what to expect from the music composed by two guys who were really famous in the 80s and which are still rockin’. Anni Hogan played with Marc Almond, being part of the Mambas, La Magia and The Willing […]

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The Danse Society – Futur1st

Artist: The Danse Society Title: Futur1st Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Society Records Rated: Released as a digital only single, “Futur1st” is the newest release for The Danse Society. While waiting for the conclusion of their seventh album’s recordings, this single is available on Bandcamp to help raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster […]

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