Aidan Casserly’s new album “Ballads Of Sorrow”

I just finished mastering the new album by Aidan Casserly.On his Soundcloud you can check the whole album. The album contains 10 tracks of electronic, dark pop. Coming on CD with ScentAir Records, with special thanks to Vladimir Romanov Featuring the duet ‘World Will Kill’ [feat. Kriistal Ann]Artwork by Caesar GergessPhotography by Aidan CasserlyMastered by Maurizio PustianazTracks 1+9 mixed […]

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35 years of Gerstein are approaching, so I gathered here three tracks recorded in 1994 for you to download at an “up to you” basis. Available at the artist’s Bandcamp page. The three tracks are remastered versions of a track coming from a compilation (Punto Zero) and two coming from the MCD split with Sshe […]

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David Boswell AKA Bozzwell has had a colorful and highly successful career in music spanning almost two decades, from his early white label rave productions through his years as vocalist, bassist, guitarist and keyboard player with chart-topping act All Seeing I to his recordings as Hiem alongside Nick Eastwood for labels such as Crosstown Rebels, […]

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Imiafan – “Videnie”

Artist: Imiafan Title: Videnie Format: 12″ Label: Falco Invernale Records Rated:  It’s four years since Imiafan released their latest album “Krv iernobielych Fotografií” and that one saw Imi team up with Martin Burlas and Ivan Štrpka. For the new MLP “Videnie”, released for the French label Falco Invernale, Imi Végh teamed up with Miki Bernath for the music and, […]

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Hyboid – “Strange Signals”

Artist: Hyboid Title: Strange Signals Format: 2 x 12″ vinyl Label: Astro Chicken Rated: In ten years of activity Sebastian Hübert has been able, like a science-fiction writer, to create his own narrative with his own musical project Hyboid as well with his label Astro Chicken Records. With his music made with vintage synthesizers and […]

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Fotoapparat – “Transhumanismus” EP

Artist: Fotoapparat Title: Transhumanismus EP Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Ukonx Recordings Rated: Formed few years ago into an unknown place in Europe (from some photos posted I think he/she is coming from Berlin), Fotoapparat, after releasing two EPs for the Mexican label Dostonos Records (“Fundamentale Wechselwirkung” and “Doppelmord”), just released a new […]

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Aidan Casserly – “Black Eyes”

Artist: Aidan Casserly Title: Black Eyes Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: House Of Analogue Rated: Aidan Casserly is always on the move and just after releasing his newest album as Empire State Human, he’s already releasing a mini album of Dead Or Alive re-interpretations. For “Black Eyeas”, he picked up five songs, all […]

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Photographs – “Hurt”

Artist: Photographs Title: Hurt Format: CD Label: Seahorse Recordings Rated: Lucio Leonardi is a musician who had different musical experiences before releasing stuff under the Photographs moniker: he played with different people playing from prog to post metal passing through psychedelic rock. After his dark wave project Clones Theory, active in 2013/14, he started to […]

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Federico Leocata – “Gamma”

Artist: Federico Leocata Title: Gamma Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: International Deejay Gigolo Records Rated: After releasing many EPs and two albums “Mundus Subterraneus” and “ZunÄchst”, Federico Leocata is releasing through International Deejay Gigolo Records, the label of the famous DJ Hell a.k.a. Helmut Geier, his latest album titled “Gamma”. In the past, […]

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Empire State Human – Housemuzik

Artist: Empire State Human Title: Housemuzik Format: CD Label: ScentAir Records Rated:  Two years after their latest album “Romo”, Empire State Human, that nowadays means Aidan Casserly, a new album titled “Housemuzik” is out always on ScentAir Records. After the positive feedback after the release of “Romo”, Aidan started to work at a new chapter for Empire State Human. […]

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Lunaires – If All The Ice Melted

Artist: Lunaires Title: If All The Ice Melted Format: CD Label: Shades of Sound Rated: “If All the Ice Melted” is the debut album by Lunaires but the people behind this project are no rookies at all. Patrizia Tranchina (vocals) and Danilo Carnevale (guitars, programming, synths, soundscapes) are active since the early 80s as members […]

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Datawave – “Endogenic E.P.”

Artist: Datawave Title: Endogenic E.P. Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Ukonx Recordings Rated:  Datawave, a.k.a. Gaétan V. started as a dj in 2010 and soon after as a producer, who, in few years, gained the support of DJ’s of the likes of Dave Clarke, DVS NME, Jensen Interceptor, Umek, etc. “Endogenic E.P.” is the 15th Ukonx Recordings’ […]

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Athana with Jody Linscott & Gary Husband – ”The May Sessions 0518”

Artist: Athana with Jody Linscott & Gary Husband Title: ”The May Sessions 0518” Format: CD Label: West Audio Music Rated:  I reviewed different releases by Alf Terje Hana’s Athana and for his newest one he teamed up with Jody Linscott and Gary Husband. Jody Linscott is a session musician and percussionist coming from the U.K. Gary Husband played as […]

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