Gerstein – “Kiawaltz”

OCCD41 Gerstein – Kiawaltz CD “Kiawaltz” is commissioned and compiled by Old Captain to commemorate the early musical rituals composed by Maurizio Pustianaz, a famous Italian experimental artist known since 1984, and his project Gerstein, whose first recordings featured on this compilation represent solo melancholic piano ballads, experimental harsh sounds, synth-guitar powerful extravaganza within post-industrial […]

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The Black Box – digital

In 1986, at the same time I was recording the tracks for “Phlegmaticus”, I was playing around with a borrowed Korg Poly800 and a Roland TR-606 and I recorded several tracks improvising, recording one instrument on each channel of my brother’s tape deck. I forgot about those recordings for years. A couple of months ago […]

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Radio Blackout 1999 – Tape

“Radio Blackout 1999” Tape Limited edition – 60 copies October 2016 Luce Sia In the late 90s i was djing at radio blackout ( with Fabio Battistetti. A lot was changing for Gerstein: as already happened in1989, I was living a creative crisis, so I thought that the right solution was to change everything. But […]

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Artico Culto + Gerstein “Mental Hospital P14”

A snow-white C70 by Artico Culto, composed by 2 live sets, featuring Gerstein on side B “ARTICO CVLTO ‘Live al Museo della Fantascienza’ ARTICO CVLTO / GERSTEIN ‘Mental Hospital P14’ After the 2015 debut on ‘SoundScape713’ with ‘Norðurljós’, ARTICO CVLTO is releasing two live sets, the second one with Maurizio Pustianaz a.k.a. Gerstein. ‘Live al Museo della Fantascienza’ […]

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Artico Culto CDr

For the live soundtrack to Artico Culto (see news section where you can find the video), a limited 7 CDr run has been made with 10 tracks coming from the live rehearsals. Here are the covers.

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Gerstein/Infektion Prod tape “Il Fine Ultimo” free mp3 edition

Kindly requested by a guy called Danil Pchelintsev, here’s the free mp3 edition of the Gerstein/Infektion Prod tape “Il Fine Ultimo”, released back in 1987 for my own label. As for the previous free releases I’ve uploaded it on the website.Spread the word. 1 Gerstein – Abrachia 2 Gerstein – il fine ultimo […]

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