The Black Box – digital

In 1986, at the same time I was recording the tracks for “Phlegmaticus”, I was playing around with a borrowed Korg Poly800 and a Roland TR-606 and I recorded several tracks improvising, recording one instrument on each channel of my brother’s tape deck. I forgot about those recordings for years. A couple of months ago I was checking my tapes and I noticed one whose side B was labeled as “The Black Box”. I had no idea what that was about. When I put the tape on, I remembered everything. It was a while that Carsten from Klappstuhl was asking me for some Gerstein material to release and since I know him since the release of “Sucker” in 1993, I asked him if he was interested into old stuff. We selected some of those tracks (that’s the reason why from #1 we pass to #4) and I mastered them. In the spirit of that material, I sampled the short #4 and I made a sort of remix calling it “Dada dada dada-ist”.
I posted the video time ago.

Anyway, here’s “The Black Box”