391 Emilia Romagna is out

The two volumes of 391 Emilia Romagna are finally out.As for the other volumes, I did the cleaning and mastering of all the 80 bands/tracks. You can follow the Facebook page dedicated to these two volumeshttps://www.facebook.com/391-Emilia-Romagna-113536136794799/

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Aidan Casserly’s new album “Ballads Of Sorrow”

I just finished mastering the new album by Aidan Casserly.On his Soundcloud you can check the whole album. The album contains 10 tracks of electronic, dark pop. Coming on CD with ScentAir Records, with special thanks to Vladimir Romanov Featuring the duet ‘World Will Kill’ [feat. Kriistal Ann]Artwork by Caesar GergessPhotography by Aidan CasserlyMastered by Maurizio PustianazTracks 1+9 mixed […]

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