U-Boot 319 discography is out now

The U-Boot 319 discography is out now for Cabiria Records on 2LP.

I did the audio restoration and the mastering.

Limited Edition 300 copies

Re-release of the entire production of the Italian new wave / post-punk group U-BOOT 319. Double vinyl containing (side A) Giro di Valzer (1987), the live, Himmel und Hölle (side B) (1990) and XX Secolo (sides C and D) (1994)

Ristampa di tutta la produzione del gruppo italiano new wave / post-punk U-BOOT 319. Doppio vinile che contiene (lato A) Giro di Valzer (1987), il live, Himmel und Hölle (lato B)(1990) e XX Secolo (lati C e D) (1994)

Graphic Design – Francesco Pirro

Photos of the outside of the gatefold cover: Maurizio Giuseppucci

Photos of the inside of the gatefold cover: Alessandro Binotti

Mastered By [Master] – Maurizio Pustianaz