The Death Ointment

“The Death Ointment” is a CD released by Tribe Tapes which collects  “The Death Posture” tape, released in 1987 by Broken Flag and “La Pomata Delle Femmine”, released in 1989 by Bekko Bunsen. Both tapes have been remastered by Maurizio Pustianaz in July 2022

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Gerstein – 1999

These tracks have been recorded with the main purpose to be used as backing track for live concerts.I did two using these.One at El Paso and another one at Radio Blackout (you can find available on Bandcamp the whole recording with more tracks).These six were the ones I used at the El Paso gig.Download them […]

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Typhoon – digital remaster

Tracklist  1 Black Flag 4:04 2 The Pentagram 5:14 3 Head 3:26 4 The Golden 3 3:56 5 Puke 2:32 6 The Sadness Of A Big Liar Mouth Stuck In A Cruel Pile Of Mud 17:35 Tracks 1-5 recorded between March 1994 and May 1995.Track 6 recorded between 1988 and 1992. “Typhoon” has been originally […]

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“Wring The Wrist” remastered

The album originally has been released in 2005 and it was a split CD with Carlo Ponte’s Cold Cluster.This version has been remastered by Maurizio Pustianaz in March 2020 GERSTEIN “Wring The Wrist”, 2005After a couple of years after the 1991-2001 compilation titled “Here comes sickness” Gerstein is back with eight new tracks and with […]

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35 years of Gerstein are approaching, so I gathered here three tracks recorded in 1994 for you to download at an “up to you” basis. Available at the artist’s Bandcamp page. The three tracks are remastered versions of a track coming from a compilation (Punto Zero) and two coming from the MCD split with Sshe […]

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Braconidae LP with Gerstein collaboration is out now

After the incredible first EP “Magnetic Reel”, out on Swiss Dark Nights Exp./Luce Sia, Braconidae is back with «Gaslighting»; a 40’ album, made of percussive, obsessive and obscure sounds, resulting from a deep research within the possibilities of her instrumentation, mainly made of synthesisers, (d)ronins and other percussive instruments (some self-built). «Gaslighting» features contributions by […]

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Gerstein – “Kiawaltz” reviewed by Ver Sacrum

Thanks to Cesare Buttaboni for his review of “Kiawaltz” on Ver Sacrum  Dopo la pubblicazione di 32 Years Of Rain, sorta di celebrazione del mitico progetto post industriale Gerstein di Maurizio Pustianaz, esce Kiawaltz, un altro importante documento relativo alla prima fase artistica che, a mio avviso, rimane anche la piu’ spontanea e carica di energia. L’approccio di […]

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Gerstein – “Kiawaltz”

OCCD41 Gerstein – Kiawaltz CD “Kiawaltz” is commissioned and compiled by Old Captain to commemorate the early musical rituals composed by Maurizio Pustianaz, a famous Italian experimental artist known since 1984, and his project Gerstein, whose first recordings featured on this compilation represent solo melancholic piano ballads, experimental harsh sounds, synth-guitar powerful extravaganza within post-industrial […]

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