“Wring The Wrist” remastered

The album originally has been released in 2005 and it was a split CD with Carlo Ponte’s Cold Cluster.
This version has been remastered by Maurizio Pustianaz in March 2020

GERSTEIN “Wring The Wrist”, 2005
After a couple of years after the 1991-2001 compilation titled “Here comes sickness” Gerstein is back with eight new tracks and with a new musical style.
Being influenced by electronic music but keeping his experimental spirit always alive, Gerstein split the CD in two parts: “Love side” and “Riot side”.
The natural question, at this point, could be:
” a love side without a hate side”?
Yes, because I think that hate as a feeling isn’t that useful.
Riot, instead, means action and this is more useful than a destructive feeling like ” hate” is. Musically the first four tracks are a little more pop than usual but I think that melodically they aren’t mellow or weak.
Riot side see the experimental side at its best with a track based on melody (“Fury’s eyes“) but with a dark feeling.
The following tracks “Here comes sickness” and “Endless riot (at Diaz school)” are based on electronic sounds but with a soundtrack structure while the closing ” Like an alien” is more ambient i.d.m. based. A new step into the different musical sides of Gerstein’s personality.

– LOVE SIDE – (2001 – 2003)

1 Tender
2 Love alarm
3 Doubt
4 Explanation (Gerstein version)

– RIOT SIDE – (2003 – 2005)

5 Fury’s eyes
6 Here comes sickness
7 Endless riot (at Diaz school)
8 Like an alien