Athana “Garden Of Bliss”

Artist: AthanaTitle: Garden Of BlissFormat: CDLabel: Forte MusicRated:      Buy from HERE After the 2022 collaboration with Gary Husband, John McLaughlin and Allan Holdsworth released under The Trackers moniker, Alf Terje Hana is back with a new Athana album titled “Garden Of Bliss”. The seven tracks see Alf Terje Hana (guitars, octave guitar, sitar, electronics, keyboards, programming, edit), Torgeir Nes (electronics, […]

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La Machine “La Machine Qui Ne Sert À Rien”

“Artist: La MachineTitle: La Machine Qui Ne Sert À RienFormat: MCD (Mini CD)Label: BoredomProductRated:      Buy from HERE La Machine is a new project created by Pierre Pi (Komplex, Position Parallèle, Communication Zéro…) and Éric U0 (Celluloide, Thee Hyphen, Signal/Bruit…). Inspired by science-fiction and B-Movies from the 50s, La Machine use these themes to show the absurdities of modern times where […]

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Dekad “Nowhere Lines”

Artist: Dekad ( Nowhere LinesFormat: CDLabel: Boredom ProductRated:      Buy from HERE Seven years have passed since “A Perfect Picture”, the latest Dekad album. Three years ago, J.B.Lacassagne along with XY (Foretaste) released an album under the Overlookers moniker and we could also see that one as anticipation of what was coming with Dekad as the new album is co-produced with […]

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Alone “Hourglass Escapee”

Artist: AloneTitle: Hourglass EscapeeFormat: CDLabel: Tonal ShiftsRated:      BUY from HERE I have to admit that reviewing the latest album by Alone, titled “Hourglass Escapee”, isn’t something that I found really easy. The fact is that Nikola Vitkovic for his album, released on the label Tonal Shifts run by Ivan Antunovic, didn’t follow a scheme (which is good) but mixed genres […]

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The Trackers: Vaudeville 8​:​45

Artist: The TrackersTitle: Vaudeville 8​:​45Format: CDLabel: Abstract LogixRated:      BUY from HERE I’m really sorry that I’m reviewing this release a little late. I closed my P.O. Box and this arrived there after that. Anyway… The Trackers is a project which is including Gary Husband (British drummer and keyboard player who performed with tons of people, like Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, […]

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0=3 “Black Tears”

Artist: 0=3Title: Black TearsFormat: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)Label: Ukonx RecordingsRated:      BUY from HERE Zero Equals Three, written 0=3 is the project by Scott White, who released early this month his first EP “Black Tears” for Ukonx Recording. Even if “Black Tears” is the first release under this moniker, Scott isn’t a newcomer as he plays electro since 1988, when […]

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h/p “Programma”

Artist: h/pTitle: ProgrammaFormat: CDLabel: BOREDOMproductRated:      BUY from HERE “Programma” is the newest album by Happiness Project, which now changed its name shrinking the old one to h/p. By checking their personnel, I thought they changed the female singer, along the band’s name, as Christelle Fournioux doesn’t fit the C/P moniker you can find on the CD inner cover, but I […]

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The Hidden Persuader – “Stand Up Straight EP”

Artist: The Hidden PersuaderTitle: Stand Up Straight EPFormat: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)Label: Ukonx RecordingsDistributor: BandcampRated:  BUY from HERE Active since early 00’s, Bob Davies under The Hidden Persuader has produced dark electro for different labels such as Access Tonal Communications, Bass4Bots, Shameless Toady (for his collaboration with Pip Williams) and participated to different compilations. After eight years of hiatus he’s […]

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Thee Hyphen “Re.Sound”

Artist: Thee HyphenTitle: Re​.​SoundFormat: CDLabel: Boredom ProductRated:  BUY from HERE Three months ago, with my Thee Hyphen’s review of “Incidental Tools Of Confusion”, I told you how Member U-0176 created his personal project and then, when he needed someone to play live, he found Patryck Holdwem and soon after decided to form a band called Celluloid with Darkleti on vocals. […]

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Deemphasis “A World Of Silence”

Artist: DeemphasisTitle: A World Of SilenceFormat: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)Label: UkonxRated:  BUY from HERE About one year and half from the latest EP “Searching”, Stéphane Bastien a.k.a. Deemphasis is back with a new four-track EP titled “A World Of Silence”. Released on digital format on his own label Ukonx Recordings, the new EP contains four fresh tunes. For setting […]

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DVS NME “The Electro Manifesto”

Artist: DVS NMETitle: The Electro ManifestoFormat: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)Label: self-releasedRated:  BUY from HERE About one year after “Dunklewissenschaft” Johan Sebastian Bot (who is also the guy behind the radio show “Dark Science Electro”), is back with a new album titled “The Electro Manifesto”. Lately, Johan picks up a theme to develop his albums’ theme: is three years ago […]

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Novocibirsk “Télévision 1945 (volume II)”

Artist: NovocibirskTitle: Télévision 1945 (volume II)Format: CDLabel: ProdutctionBRated:  BUY from HERE If two years ago you read the review I did of the first Novocibirsk volume of “Télévision 1945” (available here) you can imagine what this volume two could sound like because ProductionB is bringing us five “new” tracks picked up from the archive of music that Hervé Isar recorded […]

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Foretaste “Happy Ending!”

Artist: ForetasteTitle: Happy End!Format: CDLabel: Boredom ProductRated:  Tense. This is the first adjective that is coming to my mind while listening to the latest Foretaste’s album “Happy End!”. Their sixth album has been deeply influenced by the feelings the pandemic events raised in all of us. Most of the lyrics are dealing with a feeling of uncertainty and self-preservation. […]

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