Noisebrigade – “Chasing Towers” EP

Chasing Towers web

chasing towers rear web

Digital EP released on November 23rd 2017 Der Klang 06


1. Chasing Towers 03:58

2. Colliding Horizons 03:41

3. Exploding Stars 02:30

4. Hierophant’s Nebula 04:40

5. Uranus’ Rings 03:59

Available on Bandcamp and on the main digital retailers

Why is it titled “Chasing Towers”? Towers don’t go really far. Well, the towers the title is referring to are the ones of the tarot cards, which most of the times represent tragedies or drastic changes. Also it’s referring to the chess game ones, because that game is all about strategy but strategies don’t matter when a tragedy is about to happen and humans are so good at that.