musick to play in the dark 16 may 2023 episode

You can check the episode aired on the 16th of May here


1) Unsane “Factory” da “Sterilize” LP/CD
2) The Damned “Beware Of The Clown” da “Darkadelic” LP/CD
3) TenGrams “Work” da “The Defect Of Equality” DIG
4) B.E.F. “A Baby Called Billy” da “Musick For Stowaways” LP/CD
5) NewDad “In My Head” da “In My Head” DIG
6) Alfred Schnittke “Stream” da “VVAA – М​у​з​ы​к​а​л​ь​н​о​е П​р​и​н​о​ш​е​н​и​е (Musical Offering)” LP/CD
7) 400 Lonely Things “Good Morning” da “Mother Moon” CD
8) Exwhite “Mail” da “This Is Future” LP/DIG

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