musick to play in the dark – 28 march episode

You can check the episode aired on the 28th of March 2023 here


1) Desiderii Marginis “Necrose Evangelicum” da “Serenity/Rage” CD
2) Pascal Savy “The Desert Of The Real Itself” da “Simulacra” CD
3) Chaigidel & Neraterrae “Malkuth” da “Lamaštu” CD
4) Tar “G7 da “Clincher” MLP/MCD
5) The Birthday Party “Wild World” da “The Bad Seed” MLP
6) Dark Sky Burial “Pray The Vultures Cross The Void” da “Inferus” DIG
7) Swans “Paradise Is Mine” da “Paradise Is Mine” DIG
8) Ecstatic International “High Violence” da “EP” DIG