musick to play in the dark – 07 march 2023 episode

You can check the episode aired on the 07th of March 2023 here


1) Sunroof “November” da “Electronic Music Improvisations Vol.2” LP/CD
2) Telex “Moskow Diskow” da “This Is Telex” LP/CD
3) B.E.F. “Honeymoon In New York” da “Music For Stowaways” LP/CD
4) Psychic TV “Those Who Do Not” da “Those Who Do Not” 2LP/CD
5) Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs “Terror’s Pillow” da “Land Of Sleeper” LP/CD
6) Modern Eon “Playwrite” da “Fiction Tales” LP/2CD
7) Scorn “Silver Rain Fell” da “Evanescence” 2LP/CD
8) Abstract Thought “Galactic Rotation” da “Hypothetical Situations” 2LP/DIG
9) Shame “Fingers Of Steel” da “Food For Worms” LP/CD