musick to play in the dark – 14 Feb 2023 episode

You can check the episode aired on the 14TH of February 2023 here


1) Llyn Y Cwn “Doppler Current P” da “Posidonia” LP/CD split con Sleep Research Facility
2) Telex “Something To Say” “Looking For Saint Tropez” LP/CD
3) Telex “Réalité” da “Neurovision” LP/CD
4) Telex “Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?” da “Sex” LP/CD
5) Telex “Wonderful World” da “Wonderful World” LP/CD
6) Telex “Peanuts” da “Looney Tunes” LP/CD
7) Telex “Move” da “How Do You Dance?” LP/CD
8) The Waeve “Kill Me Again” da “The Waeve” LP/CD
9) La Machine “La Machine Qui Ne Sert À Rien” da “”La Machine Qui Ne Sert À Rien” 10″/MCD
10) Pigeon “Riged” da “Permanent Quest” 7″/DIG