musick to play in the dark – 07 feb 2023 episode

You can check the episode aired on the 07TH of February 2023 here


1) Subhumans “Parasites” da “Demolition War” 7″
2) Subhumans “Religious Wars” da “Religious Wars” 7″
3) Subhumans “Peroxide”d da “Reason For Existence” 7″
4) Subhumans “Black And White” da “The Day The Country Died” LP/CD
5) Subhumans “So Much Money” da “Evolution” 7″
6) Subhumans “Word Factory” da “Time Flies… …But Aeroplanes Crash” 12″
7) Subhumans “Rats” da “Rats” 7″
8) Subhumans “Where’s The Freedom” da “From The Cradle To The Grave” LP/CD
9) Subhumans “Get To Work On Time” da “Worlds Apart” LP/CD
10) Subhumans “Somebody’s Mother” da “29:29 Split Vision” LP/CD
11) Subhumans “Glad To Be Alive” da “Unfinished Business” 7″/MCD
12) Subhumans “This Year’s War” da “Internal Riot” LP/CD
13) Subhumans “Thought Is Free” da “Crisis Point” LP/CD