MUSICK TO PLAY IN THE DARK – 13/12/2022 episode

You can check the episode aired on the 13th of December 2022 here


1) No Sun “Saturn Returning” da “In The Interim” LP/DIG
2) Ulvtharm “We Will All Abandon You” da “Wr​ē​kō” CD/DIG
3) Curse All Kings “Mansions of Silence” da “Inversion” CD/DIG
4) Lull “Range” da “That Space Somewhere” CD
5) The Mutants “Modern Conversation” da “Curse Of The Easily Amused” LP/CD
6) Vince Clarke “Ahead Of Curve” da “Deeptronica” DIG
7) Nimh “Tharon Trail” da “Iron And Ice” CD
8) Lham “Thalassa” da “Leaving Hardly A Mark” CD
9) Submersion “Defencive, Confluence, Passage” da “Enfold” CD