MUSICK TO PLAY IN THE DARK – 06/12/2022 Episode

You can check the episode aired on the 6th of December 2022 here

PLAYLIST (Best of 2022)

1) Dopplereffekt “Cerebral To Cerebral Interface” da “Neurotelepathy” 2×12″/CD
2) Dry Cleaning “Stumpwork” da “Stumpwork” LP/CD
3) Fear Factory “Path To Salvation – Purity Remix (Rhys Fulber)” da “Recoded” CD
4) The Lord & Petra Haden “Rise To Diminish” da “Devotional” LP/CD
5) Working Men’s Club “Fear Fear” da “Fear Fear” LP/CD
6) Just Mustard “Still” da “Heart Under” LP/CD
7) xPropaganda “Don’t (You Mess With Me)” da “The Heart Is Strange” LP/CD
8) Killing Joke “Total” da “Lord Of Chaos” 12″/CD
9) Johnny Marr “Sensory Street” da “Fever Dreams Pts 1-4” 2LP/CD
10) DMX Krew “Audrey” da “Party Life” LP/DIG
11) MWWB “Logic Bomb” da “The Harvest” LP/CD
12) Kittin – Hacker “Retrovision” da “Third Album” 2LP/DIG
13) Blackploid “Wire” da “Planetary Science” 12″/DIG