MUSICK TO PLAY IN THE DARK 25/10/2022 episode

You can check the episode aired on 25 October 2022 here


1) Polyrock “Romantic Me” da “Polyrock” LP/CD
2) Polyrock “Cries & Whispers” da “Changing Hearts” LP/CD
3) Polyrock “Working On My Love” da “Above The Fruited Plain” MLP
4) Makina Girgir “Twilight” da “VVAA – Wave Earplug n.6”
5) DVPLVX “Uncontrolled” da “VVAA – Wave Earplug n.6”
6) The Orielles “The Instrument” da “Tableau” 2LP/CD/DIG
7) Dead Kennedys “Ill In The Head” da “Fresh Fruit For Rotten Vegetables 2022 Mix” LP/CD
8) Working Men’s Club “Widow” da “Fear Fear” LP/CD
9) Killing Joke “Total” da “Lord Of Chaos EP” 10″/CD
10) Killing Joke “Nervous System” da “Turn To Red” 12″
11) Killing Joke “Universe B” da “Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell” 2LP/CD