musick to play in the dark – 11/10/2022 episode (Jayne casey special)

You can check the episode aired on 11 October 2022 here


1) Big In Japan “Taxy” da “From Y To Z And Never Again” 7″ EP
2) Pink Military Stand Alone “Sanjo Kantara” da “Buddha Waking Disney Sleeping” 7″ EP
3) Pink Military “Degenerated Man” da “Do Animals Believe In God” LP
4) Pink Industry da “Forty-Five” 12″ EP
5) Pink Industry ” Enjoy The Pain” da “Low Technology” LP/CD
6) Pink Industry “Walk Away” da “Who Told You, You Were Naked?” LP
7) Pink Industry “The Corpse” da “New Beginnings” LP
8)Petrolio & Gronge “Confessioni Di Un Guerriero Psichico” da “Una Guerra Di Soldatini”
9) CPX “Fashion Education” da “Digital Dystopia” DIG
10) Paolo Virdis “Do you really want to know” da “Paolo Virdis – Do you really want to know” DIG