Thee Hyphen “Re.Sound”


Artist: Thee Hyphen
Title: Re​.​Sound
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product
Rated: *****


Three months ago, with my Thee Hyphen’s review of “Incidental Tools Of Confusion”, I told you how Member U-0176 created his personal project and then, when he needed someone to play live, he found Patryck Holdwem and soon after decided to form a band called Celluloid with Darkleti on vocals. What’s the occasion to talk about Thee Hyphen again, so soon? Well, Boredom Product has recently released the second album of the Thee Hyphen’s reissue campaign. “Re.Sound”, originally, has been released on CD-r and tape back in 1996 and as happened with the first reissue, the original tracks have been cleaned, remastered and the heavy filter which was applied to vocals has been removed. Now, the voice is clear and this gives to the tracks a different appeal: now they sound more synthpop but thanks to the rich use of different drum sounds, you don’t have to think about mellow electronic songs. Focusing my attention only on the music, it reminds me of the approach that Depeche Mode had to rhythms on albums like “Construction Time Again” or the following “Some Great Reward”. This choice fits well the melancholic/cold atmosphere of the tracks. The ten tracks of the album plus the remix of “Mind Polluted” will make you think about Fad Gadget, Depeche Mode, early Front 242 but what I found different is Thee Hyphen’s approach to melody: Member U-0176 uses it but there are no repeated hooks with the will to find a refrain at any cost. Check this album and and if you love the bands I mentioned, for sure you’ll appreciate it!