Deemphasis “A World Of Silence”


Artist: Deemphasis
Title: A World Of Silence
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Ukonx
Rated: *****


About one year and half from the latest EP “Searching”, Stéphane Bastien a.k.a. Deemphasis is back with a new four-track EP titled “A World Of Silence”. Released on digital format on his own label Ukonx Recordings, the new EP contains four fresh tunes. For setting the sentiment of “A World Of Silence”, he thought about the dance floor but without forgetting the cinematic atmospheres he usually delivers (this is even more evident on the closing track “Unmuted”, where we have a synth metallic sound painting the perimeter where the other ones, like an assembly line, build tiny rhythms and melodies). As the cover suggests, a feeling of incoming catastrophe permeates all the tracks (maybe also thanks to the filtered vocals you can find on “Control” and on “A World Of Silence”. Electro and acid (see the 303 sounds on the opening “Silent Path”) are the main blue prints for this EP. As usual, you can check the EP before purchasing it, but if you already loved his old releases, you know what to do.