Thee Hyphen “Incidental Tools Of Confusion” review


Artist: Thee Hyphen
Title: Incidental Tools Of Confusion
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product
Rated: *****


Thee Hyphen story began in the early 90s when Member U-0176 started recording his own music on a four-track tape recorder.
His first release “Incidental Tools Of Confusion” saw the light as limited CD-r and tape in 1996 and have been followed by other two albums in the 90s: “Re Sound” in 1996 and “Organique” in 1998.
If in the studio he was able to take care of all the phases that were needed to produce his music, when he has been asked to perform live, he asked help from Patryck Holdwem.
They worked together so well that they decided to keep on working that way and the following year Celluloide born.
At that point, they found a new singer (Darkleti), and Thee Hyphen was put on hold until 2004, then “Consolidated Green” kinda closed the circle for that project.
During the years Thee Hyphen songs surfaced in other forms on Celluloide’s album, for example, “This Aching Kiss” has been re-recorded and released on “Words Once Said”, “Not A Tale” became “Un Conte de Fée” on the album “Hexagonal” and “Air Conditioned” became “Air Conditionné” and has been released on the MCD “Modulation de Freéquence”.
When the original four tracks tapes of the first two albums resurfaced, the people at Boredom Product thought to give Thee Hyphen’s music justice and to release it properly.
The New version of “Incidental Tools Of Confusion” has been cleaned and some vocal effects removed just to give words more clarity.
Also, a new version of “Into Dirt” reworked in 2003 is in this new version as a bonus track.
If I should try to explain how this album is sounding to me, I would name for sure the Depeche Mode of the “Construction Time Again” period, because of the use of the melody and the unconventional rhythm sounds and Front 242 of the “Geography” period for the experimental feeling.
Anyway, it’s a really good album that you should check out!