DVS NME “The Electro Manifesto”


Artist: DVS NME
Title: The Electro Manifesto
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****


About one year after “Dunklewissenschaft” Johan Sebastian Bot (who is also the guy behind the radio show “Dark Science Electro”), is back with a new album titled “The Electro Manifesto”. Lately, Johan picks up a theme to develop his albums’ theme: is three years ago we had Kraftwerk’s reference with “Trans Asia Express” and the last year the Dopplereffekt’s one with “Dunklewissenschaft”, this year we don’t have a musical reference as this time the latest DVS NME album is titled “The Electro Manifesto” after Karl Marx’s ‘The Communist Manifesto’. As Johan explains: ” Every song title is a nod to the German philosopher’s economic and political theory. Even the album cover borrows directly from Marx, re-adapting the original cover of the 1848 pamphlet entitled “The Communist Manifesto””. This time we have 25 new tracks composed with the classic sounds Mono/Poly, MS-20, SH-101, Jupiter-8, Juno-106, SH-2, System 100, Juno 60, JX-3P, TB-303, Polysix, TR-606, OB-8, TR-808, ARP Odyssey, as well as some contemporary additions to his studio like Hydrasynth, System 8, Novation Peak, Minilogue, SE-02, and Microkorg. With 25 tracks to check, we have a wide spectrum covered, as we pass from the cold robotic ones to the midtempo ones more atmospheric, driven always by the drumbeats but with a certain cinematic approach (for example I think that tunes like “Class Traitor” could fit well a Carpenter movie). We have also tracks like “Privatize Gain/Socialize Loss” where the atmosphere recalled me stuff like EOD (so, not strictly electro) and I think that this is good, because having a tracklist so loaded, it’s good to be a little transversal. This is a nice album and you can check it at the DVS NME’s Bandcamp page!