DVS NME – Dunklewissenschaft


Artist: DVS MNE
Title: Dunklewissenschaft
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****

Dunklewissenschaft” is the new album by DVS Enemy which is coming less than a year after “Trans Asia Express”.
While the latter was a tribute to Kraftwerk passing through all the musical passions and influences of Johan Sebastian Bot, “Dunklewissenschaft” is a sort of tribute to Gerald Donald’s projects and in particular to Doppleffekt.
Johan created the graphics for this release having in mind “Gesamtkunstwerk”, the collection of the first three Dopplereffekt’s releases.
Also, the title “Dunklewissenschaft” (“Dark Science”), born from that tribute idea.
What about the music?
First of all, “Dunklewissenschaft” is massive as it contains thirty new tracks recorded between 2018 and 2020 and if you think about that, if it would be a vinyl release, it would be a triple album!
The sound of the album relies on classic synths that made the history of electro music.
Mono/Poly, MS-20, SH-101, Jupiter-8, Juno-106, JX-3P, TB-303, Polysix, TR-606, OB-8, TR-808, ARP Odyssey, and TR-909, basically almost all of them are machines made by Roland, helped to create tracks in balance from cold robotic mid-tempo electro (check “Dimensionality Reduction”, “Thought Crimes”, “Marimé”, “Emission Spectrum”, “Accomplices”, “Singularity”, “Pathosis” or “Nicht Kampfbereit”), acid inspired ones (“Ghosts Of Detroit”, “The Synergist”, “Means Of Production” or “Death Ray”), electro-funk ones (like “Shallow Sea Dweller”, “Skip Distance”, “Hydrographic Design”, “Means Of Production”) or cinematic melancholic synth-wave ones (“Scientific Process”, “Analog Tsunami” or “Together Alone”).
The thirty instrumental tracks will keep you busy for 138′ and Johan will lead you on an inspired tour through his many moods.
He also did the same during the past ten years, with his radio show/daily blog called “Dark Science Electro”.
Nice work for a dude who picked up “Devious Enemy” as his monicker!
The album is available here: https://dvsnme.bandcamp.com/album/dunklewissenschaft