Finished mastering the third new Aidan Casserly album

Aidan Casserly & Lisa Shred

01. Love And Thought
02. Cold Wind That I Love  
03. My Earphones
04. Judged
05. The Window

06. 1000 Eyes
07.  Poem For You And Me
08. Cornered By Your World
09. One
10. Love In A Blindfolded Age

Ireland’s Aidan Casserly (Empire State Human & KuBO), and New York based DJ/lyricist Lisa Shred, have teamed up to write and record an album called ‘Judged’. Lisa’s intimate and thoughtful words, team up with Aidan Casserly’s music and vocals to create a seamless and powerfully evocative collection of 10 songs.
Electronic is style and nature, but personal and at times melancholic, ‘Judged’ is an album which grabs the listener from the opening note to the final one, letting intimate thoughts and emotion convey their power and imagination, over electronic pulses, beats and sequences. To quote Aidan –
“When I first contacted Lisa, we discussed poetry quite early on and shared each others writings. Lisa’s words really made an immediate impact on me and I felt connected and moved by the rawness and also the sensuality of them. I let every word soak into me, and from this I was able to place myself into them musically.
The whole album was written and recorded on and off over a three month period, and I think this kind of speed approach was a benefit to the overall sonic feel. The rawness of the words at times, matched the rawness of the synth sounds. I also saw a lot of beauty in Lisa’s writing styles, and songs such as ‘The Window’ and ‘Love In A Blindfolded Age’, do show how intimately connected the mind and soul can be. We’re both very proud to present ‘Judged’ to anyone who may care to listen to it.”

All tracks written by Lisa Shred & Aidan Casserly

Produced by Aidan Casserly

Album mastered by Maurizio Pustianaz

P+C 2020
House Of Analogue