Celluloide – “Futur Antérieur”


Artist: Celluloide
Title: Futur Antérieur
Format: CD
Label: Boredom product
Rated: *****

Six years after their previous album “Art Plastique” and twenty years since they began their adventure, Celluloide are back with a new album titled “Futur Anterieur”. The ten new tracks see the trio formed by Darkleti, Member U-0176 and Patryck Holdwem dealing with synthpop with a minimal approach to sounds and a bit of e.b.m. into the rhythmic section (mainly due to the heavy bass drum and snare sounds). On their presentation, they underlined the pop side of the new tracks which to my ears, compared to the previous album, is meaning that there’s major attention to the catchy parts: Darkleti vocal style is halfway from detached to passionate and the sound is widening during the refrains, thanks to use of pads that enrich the rhythmic parts made with synth sounds as well as drum machine beats, which are building the core of the tracks. Listen to the album carefully and you’ll realize that and you’ll appreciate it fully: for example check the nice upbeat instrumental track titled “Modulation De Fréquence” and you’ll realize the kind of work made by Member U-0176 and Patryck Holdwem. “Futur Anterieur” is a really good “pop” album, if we want to use this term, but it’s a multifaceted one made of melancholic atmospheres, nice melodies and strong rhythms. It contains also the single “Quelque Chose S’Efface” but, as they used to say in the 60s: it has all killers and no fillers.