Finished mastering a new Aidan Casserly album

I just finished mastering a new ambient album by Aidan Casserly.
Here’s the description:

Aidan Casserly
‘Music For Atoms’
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Aidan Casserly, from Empire State Human and KuBO, is proud to announce the completion of his ambient album ‘Music For Atoms’. A sonic, textural and ambitious piece of music in four parts. The idea behind this album was to create something ideal for art installations or gallery settings, with the focus on more intimate aesthetics.
To quote Aidan –
“The seeds of ‘Music For Atoms’ have been germinating inside me ever since I worked on three feature film OST (particularly the most recent OST for the horror film ‘The Amityville Legacy’). I’ve always seen music as both visual and more than just in audio terms. Art and poetry, have always been a big passion of mine, and as such I wanted to venture into this field, without the barriers of songwriting and singing. I’m very excited with the nature of this piece. It’s difficult at times and will confuse, but I still want it to stimulate and cause reaction. Thanks to Maurizio Pustianaz for his guidance, with mastering and mixing suggestions. I’m already looking forward to working in this way again on its follow up.”

Written, Produced & Performed by Aidan Casserly
Artwork & Photography by Aidan Casserly
Album mastered by Maurizio Pustianaz
P+C 2020
House Of Analogue