Newcleus “Jam On It”


Artist: Newcleus
Title: Jam On It
Format: 12″
Label: Ground Control
Rated: ****

When you decide to do a release based on remixes is always a risk and if the track is one of an electro funk legend, well, it’s a really tricky business. German retro-Electro label Ground Control knows very well the stuff they’re dealing with, because it’s a sub-label of Dominance Electricity, label that already released an EP of Newcleus’ “Destination Earth” remixes years ago. On this 12” we have two classics written by Maurice Ben Cenac remixed by Jackal and Hyde (“Jam On It”) and by Phil Klein aka Bass Junkie and Simon Brown aka The Dexorcist new project, Gods of Technology (“Teknology”). Both the tracks have received a radical treatment and, as I previously told you, it’s a risky business. Luckily these gentlemen know what they are doing but also the label who organized the whole operation it’s like a seal of guaranty. “Jam on it” is the track I prefer, because Scott Weiser opted to keep the original upbeat tempo and changed the song by keeping mainly the vocals plus the bass line and added different catchy synths. He also divided the track into two different parts just to play a little more with the surprise effect. “Teknology” now sounds like a mix of Miami electro (you know that nightly atmosphere) and Kraftwerk of the “Technopop” era. Check them out, the release is available on black and clear blue vinyl. The digital download is available at the usual digital stores through Jam-On Productions.