Dibu-Z – “Junk DNA”

Artist: Dibu-Z
Title: Junk DNA
Format: CD
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
Active since the early ’00s, Christian Odlozinski released different 12″s and EPs as Dibu-Z for labels such as Mutter, Klangnet, Antikonsum, Klangnet, Robodisco and Heraldic.SPb. “Junk DNA” is his first album and Dominance Electricity is proudly releasing it on CD and 2 LPs. This isn’t the first time that the label is releasing Dibu-Z’s music, as his track “Remote View” has been included in the “Global Surveyor Phase 4” compilation the last year. “Junk DNA” is a multifaceted album where Christian is mixing different electronic styles successfully: if the opening “Where It All Ends” has classic electronic music references of the likes of Vangelis’ “Blade Runner” soundtrack (like the closing arpeggios of the closing “The Future In Your Eyes”), “Breakaway Civilization” steers the wheel mixing space ambiance with acid TB-303 sequences and TR-808 beats (thing that also Cignol experimented lately). “Metamaterial” and “Gnarly” change the game again by bringing in electro melodies and i.d.m. intuitions with sound manipulations. The twelve tracks of the album have no vocals and succeed into giving to the electro lovers good music with robotic rhythm patterns, paranoid atmospheres and nice tiny melodies. It not easy to sum up the last twenty years of electronic music but Dibu-Z somehow did it. Prepare yourself to check a sort of Drexciya on acid or a sort of black hole that sucked in hours of good music and now it’s ready to puke it out! A special note to the cover made by the American 3D graphic artist Beeple. Check it here.