Hyboid – “Strange Signals”

Artist: Hyboid
Title: Strange Signals
Format: 2 x 12″ vinyl
Label: Astro Chicken
Rated: *****
In ten years of activity Sebastian Hübert has been able, like a science-fiction writer, to create his own narrative with his own musical project Hyboid as well with his label Astro Chicken Records. With his music made with vintage synthesizers and drum machines, Sebastian created audio stories that lead the listener through space voyages and musically back to the late 70’s/early 80’s, when funk and disco music melted and muted into electro funk or the first hip-hop experiments. Hyboid is mostly linked to those sounds than to Kraftwerk and this is evident also into the new album “Strange Signals”. On tracks as “Restless On Risa”, “Cosmic Funk”, “Walking The Milky Way” or “Future Fever”, within upbeat rhythms and bouncing bass lines you can often find a lead synth line which, like a guide, is there for the listener to follow. Like the other albums, also “Strange Signals” has a theme and this time it’s the tale of an interstellar romance gone wrong. Musically on the album you’ll find more vocals (effected with the vocoder or not) and also a little bit more electro influences like on “Martian Dreams”, “Unobtainium” and “Synthetic Band” or a bit of synthpop like on “Broken-Hearted Universe”. Released on black or limited clear vinyl and on digital format, “Strange Signal” is the new Hyboid album that you won’t miss! Check it out here.