Fotoapparat – “Transhumanismus” EP

Artist: Fotoapparat
Title: Transhumanismus EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Ukonx Recordings
Rated: *****
Formed few years ago into an unknown place in Europe (from some photos posted I think he/she is coming from Berlin), Fotoapparat, after releasing two EPs for the Mexican label Dostonos Records (“Fundamentale Wechselwirkung” and “Doppelmord”), just released a new EP titled “Transhumanismus” for the Fremch label Ukonx Recordings. It’s available as digital download on the label’s bandcamp page and on streaming on the usual platforms. “Transhumanismus” contains six tracks that put Fotoapparat into the focus of the Dopplereffekt lovers thanks to the cold atmospheres and rich robotic sound palette. The EP has a strong concept. The first three tracks explore our relation with machines. Humanity in its limitless ambition ultimately pushes its researches further and further, until it reaches a turning point: the end of its supremacy. The last three tracks takes inspiration from cinema, literature, science, mythology and philosophy, just to rise a question: what if artificial intelligence emancipates itself and become as powerful as a god ? Can we expect a machine to show compassion and mercy? …and, would they punish us for our destructive behavior by recreating our consciousnesses into a personal artificial hell? Musically, Fotoapparat succeeded into creating a tense atmosphere with a deep cinematic attitude, which coupled with the robotic rhythms create really good tracks. You have cool tracks, a theme which somehow involve all of us, so you can’t ignore this release! Check it in full on the Ukonx’s Bandcamp page.