Aidan Casserly – “Steal For Love”

Artist: Aidan Casserly
Title: Steal For Love
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: House Of Analogue
Rated: *****
“Steal For Love” is the newest Aidan Casserly’s single and is a really nice one. It contains two songs: the main title and “The SIgn Before”. The melodies, the orchestrations, the sax inserts of the songs make me think about great synthpop bands like ABC or some Marc Almond solo stuff but here there’s more than that and that’s because Aidan has so much personality that what is an inspiration is remaining just that and it’s enriched by his taste. You know, Aidan isn’t a newcomer, on his back he has projects like Empire State Human, The Garland Cult, Ferrochrome, Figaro, etc and luckily he has so much to offer still. Synth lines that remember me some Heaven 17, sax solos, strings, a bit of 80s disco attitude make of this single a must have!