VVAA – “Electro Bass Development (phase II)”

Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Electro Bass Development (phase II)
Format: 2 x 12″ vinyl
Label: Subsonic Device
Rated: *****
OK, first of all, I’m late reviewing this one but luckily quality doesn’t expire and on „Electro Bass Development (phase II)“, we have the presence of classic names that helped to define the electro bass genre as a plus. I’m talking about names of the likes of Debonaire (Italian dj relocated in Miami and active already in the 80s), Bass Junkie and Dynamix II (which were already active in the 90s) or Darxid (who came soon after), plus names which are in activity since ten years or so already, like DJ Xed, Dark Vektor, John Robie. The youngest one is the project of a Spanish guy called Roberto Rey who started Negocius Man in 2013 or so. The compilation has been issued by Subsonic Device, Darxid’s label, on double vinyl and it’s still available for you to purchase, but only in this format. No digital files to purchase or download. We have eight tracks/projects as Dynamix II and John Robie are teaming up for „They’re Coming“. If you are already a fan of the genre, for sure you are owning at least some releases by most of them. Probably the surprise of the lot is Otto Von Schirach, because I reviewed his 2004 album „Global Speaker Fisting“ and it wasn’t sounding electro at all, if I remember well. Maybe the last one I had the occasion to check ten years ago titled „Oozing Bass Spasms“, had some electro influences, but in this case, „Bass Low (Down Pitch Out Mix)“, mixes synth stabs and am 80s electro hip hop approach with digital distorted bass lines. The effect is sounding like nice a mutant electro funk tune. Tracks like Bass Junckie’s „Galactic Combat“, DJ Xed’s „Spectral Subspace (Subsonic Mix)“, Dark Vektor’s „No More (Sóc Un Frik Sóc Un Tècnic)“ or Dynamix II vs. John Robie’s „They’re Coming“ are sure sounding true to the classic sound of the genre. Darxid with „Hungry“ mix powerful bass and vocals distorted lines with syncopated beats creating a song that sounds fresh and it’s able to stick to your memory immediately. Debonaire’s „Electro Novocaine (Injectable Beats)“ sounds cinematic, menacing and powerful. As approach it seems that Claudio Barrella is remixing himself and this created a nice effect. Good compilation which grows with the listenings. You can check some tracks on YouTube.