The Danse Society – Futur1st

Artist: The Danse Society
Title: Futur1st
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Society Records
Rated: *****
Released as a digital only single, “Futur1st” is the newest release for The Danse Society. While waiting for the conclusion of their seventh album’s recordings, this single is available on Bandcamp to help raise funds for The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and contains the cover of N.I.N’s most famous song „Hurt“, plus „ One thought in Heaven“ and „Scream“. Being covered also by Johnny Cash, who did an incredible version which in my opinion is better than the original, it was difficult to top that. The Danse Society did a good job with their version taking a bit of inspiration from the Cash’s one by starting with a whisper and then exploding in the final part. Maeth reached her darkest memories of abuse and gave a good performance on the song. A curious note, Danse Society choose not to follow exactly the melody of the verse and this is giving a distinctive character to the track. The following two tunes are really nice: „One Thought In Heaven“ is a classic song in the style of the reformed band which is redefining their dark sound adding somehow a bit of rock and „Scream“ is sounding a bit new wave and has echoes of Siouxsie And The Banshees with some 00s flavour. Nice release that you can find at the band’s Bandcamp page ( and at a the main digital stores.