Gerstein – “Kiawaltz”. A new compilation

I know, allowing to release a compilation one year after a compilation covering 32 years of musical activity, is crazy and at first I declined the offer I received from Olegh Kolyada, owner of the Ukrainian label Old Captain.
The fact that convinced me to say ok, is that he didn’t know Gerstein, Fulvio Delprato pointed to him my stuff asking him if he was interested into reissuing some old tapes.  After listening the stuff I released from 1986 to 1989, he decided that he was intersted into releasing a compilation of tracks he found interesting at a first listening.
When I offered to remaster them, he declined, because he wanted to keep the effect of anyone who could have approached that stuff back then.
Only the tape noise has been removed and the volume has been fixed, nothing else.
The tracks are just like they were.
Nothing more.
He picked up ten track, for a total of one hour and he started to work to the graphics.
The compilation will be released on August as a deluxe four panels digipack, but you can preview some tracks already on the Captain’s Bandcamp page.
The cover you find on this post, isn’t the final one.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Phlegmaticus 1 (from “Phlegmaticus” tape ’86)
2. Rose (from “The Death Of All Fanatics” tape ’87)
3. The Death Network (from “Lie In Her Grave” compilation tape ’87)
4. Trapped In My Own Frequency (from “The Death Posture” tape ’87)
5. Morbus Gravis (from “Lie In Her Grave” compilation tape ’87)
6. L’estremo Relativo (from “Il Fine Ultimo” ’87)
7. Lo Scarabeo Alato (from “La Pomata Delle Femmine” tape ’89)
8. Kiawaltz, Chaoswaltz (from “The Death Posture” tape ’87)
9. The Death Of All Fanatics (from “The Death Of All Fanatics” tape ’87)
10. Phlegmaticus 5 (from “Phlegmaticus” tape ’86)