Adern X – Summer Twilight Autumn Dawn

coverArtist: Adern X
Title: Summer Twilight Autumn Dawn
Format: CD
Label: Xevor
“Summer Twilight Autumn Dawn” is the latest album by sound artist Adern X. Released on a limited edition of 50 CDrs and digitally, the album contains a 40′ long composition. Originally composed for a radio broadcast in 2013, the track is soundwise based on three main parts: some loops, some field recordings and layered samples. While the original track was a performance based on the use of a cd player, an iPod and a reel to reel tape recorder, this version has been edited digitally to have a brighter sound and to be able to express better the meaning behind the track. Yeah, but what’s the meaning? Let’s read directly the words of Andrea: “The score was written after being aware of the sense of a loss at the end of summer; it’s a matter of time: time fading, time coming. Memory is juxtaposed to expectation as the acceptance of time is brought by change.While reworking the audio spectrum and editing the track, I became aware of how memory is essentially an aesthetical rewriting of facts and editing is the grammar of it. So, if history is a description then memory is an interpretation”. Listening to the piece you can hear some recurring parts: the field recordings with kids playing, noisy low frequencies, orchestral loops, etc. This is giving the idea of the time passing and the cycle of things and the second time you listen to them, is never as the one before (also because the layers are overlapping in a different pattern every time).