Braconidae reviewed on Chain D.L.K.

Thanks to Stuart Bruce for the Branidae EP review. You can find it at this link.

Artist: Braconidae
Title: Magnetic Reel
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Swiss Dark Nights EXP

This is a discombobulating four-track electronica EP from Emiliana Voltarel, twisting and warping synth noises and deep found sounds into a bizarre and sometimes uncomfortable eulogy of insects.

The title track, pitched as a manifesto, sets dark beat poetry (cut, mushed and retriggered) over a thick wall of wrangled noises- rattles, rumbles and scrapes, both digital and real (if you see what I mean). Glass-ish organ arpeggios run low in the mix to give a distinct feel of suspense.

“Deathwatch Beetle” offers something thinner and more cavernous, glitching a short spoken word snippet over slow ominous percussive sounds that gradually meld into a dark techno that stops abruptly just as it feels like a structure has been accomplished.

“Bullet Ant” focuses on deep and distorted long synth bass notes, that again attract an increasing array of percussive sounds that are forming a proto-techno that stops before it has truly begun. Final tracks “Scrapes”, the odd one out in that it’s not dedicated to insects, is named rather literally after the collage of scraping sounds that are compiled here- most prominently what sounds like metal across piano strings. A light rhythm formed of coin-like noises and a low bass rumble keep things in keeping with the rest of the EP.

The title track is the most fully fleshed-out track on this release, making it feel more like an old-fashioned single with 3 instrumental B-sides. It’s thick and feels very personal and is certainly an attention-drawing statement of intent.