Noisebrigade – “Selected Resistors” compilation in the making


I’m remastering 17 Noisebrigade tracks.
They will be part of the first compilation titled “Selected Resistors”.
It will be distributed digitally and also on CD-r sold along a vinyl compilation which will include my latest track (included also into the CD).
Seven are coming from the first album “Cathodic Dreams” (some of them were included also into the “Roboto” EP released by Sauroid).
Two are coming from the “Plastic Fog” EP released by Binalog Productions.
“This Last Beat” was included into the “Zena Rising” digital compilation.
“Clunk” was included into the “Zvuková Vlna XII” compilation CD sold with the magazine Vlna No. 68/2016.
The last six have been recorded during the last seven years.
More news soon.