Aidan Casserly – Creatures

Artist: Aidan Casserly
Title: Creatures
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: House Of Analogue
Rated: *****
In all the years of his musical career with his different projects, Aidan has always showed to people his sensitive side which allowed him to produce many passionate songs and to explore different sides of his personality, from the brightest to the darker ones. With “Creatures” he’s giving homage and he’s expressing his feelings about the death of the “thin white duke”… David Bowie. The album doesn’t sound like a classic Aidan’s one, because ideally, like Bowie, he wanted to make a similar musical journey, starting with something sounding a bit rock and glamour (“Creatures”, “I’m On Fire”, the almost hard rock “I’ll make you see” and the mid/slow tempo “What Can I Do”). With “The Serpent” we steer a bit and we have beautiful ballad with strings and piano. With “A Night Scene” we pass to a noir atmosphere a bit jazzy with nice synthpop inserts. “Intimate Tempest” is a really nice one so deep and full of pathos. Its piano, duet with sax and synth orchestra while Aidan passionately singing. With “His Little Eye” we have another slow intimate ballad while “Seduction After Dark” mix synth pop, dissonant piano chords and tons of drama (on this one, Aidan is helped by the French singer Caesar Gergess) and it’s recalling me a bit some early Marc Almond solo stuff. The album is closed by “Always Fire”, a ballad which will warm your heart and will make you drop a tear for Ziggy Stardust. So long, David.