“32 Years Of Rain” CHAIN D.L.K. review

“32 Years Of Rain” has been reviewed on CHAIN D.L.K.
Artist: Gerstein (@)
Title: 32 Years Of Rain
Format: CD
Label: Der Klang (@)
Rated: *****
Now almost canonized in the history of italian industrial music, the project of Maurizio Pustianaz celebrates 32 years of music with a collection of tracks presented in almost chronological order and selected by the personal choice of the composer. The result is a journey that could be roughly divided in two phases: the song phase and the experimental one.
From the cartoonish atmosphere of “Poison” the first part of this release sounds centered around piano with the exception of more experimental “Phlegmaticus 3” with his use of echo and delay. With a track as “Hang The D-Evil” as final landing of a journey starting from the quiet and almost romantic piano of “Track 7” to the horror inspired “Putrefacto”, Gerstein write a sort of industrial pop song closer to his musical legacy than expected and expressed with a certain irony. With “Take The Hold (1993)” starts the second part of this release centered on his new wave influences so “In The Shadow Of The Sun” sounds like a tribute even in his title and track like “Puke” and “Black Flag” reveals even some metal influence in the trend of those years. The most recent tracks, especially “Il Male” reveals a synthesis between the two forces: the pop song and the industrial piece.
Other tracks like “Cuts” or “The puke they are” were probably chosen as freak experiments as the first sounds as polished ambient pop tune while the second is a personal version of indie rock.
Quite a enjoyable collection of tracks that could be well received by newcomers if they have the patience to arrive at the end of this release and be carried towards a piece of our industrial history. It’s really worth a listen.