Empire State Human – “Romo”

Artist: Empire State Human
Title: Romo
Format: CD
Label: Scent Air
Rated: *****
I just don’t know how Aidan Casserly is able to produce so much quality music in so little time. Recently I reviewed his collaborative/poetry release and now, I’m here to talk about him again, because we have a new Empire State Human album available. “Romo” is the title of the new album which, fifteen years after their debut, arrives to the shelves thanks to the Russian label Scent Air. If on their previous album, “The Dark”, the band was formed by Aidan and Lar, this time we have only Aidan taking care of everything. “Romo” has ten new tracks and most of them have a nice upbeat fresh sound. I asked to Aidan if the album had a theme because the titles seemed kinda connected as “I Kick Ash”, “Into Grey”, “Night Boy”, “Automation”, “The Invisible”, “Future Sex”, “Dust On Dust”, “My Darkest Hours”, “Nomophobia” and “Walking With Bowie” seem to lead the listener through a precise pattern and yes… he said that “it’s a club album about outsiders and night people, set in the near future Sci-Fi driven”. At that point an imagine popped into my mind: the first Soft Cell’s “Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret”. Also “Romo” ideally follows a similar path by talking about night people using catchy melodies, mixing pop attitude without being sellout. Mid tempos like “Into Grey” are well coupled with dancey ones like “Night Boy” or “Automation”. There’s also space for some sort of experimentation with the closing “Walking With Bowie”. It’s almost a ten minutes song formed by two parts: the first one would be fine for a “Bladerunner” soundtrack, while the second mix dreamy parts to ones more tense and dramatic. Well done Aidan and it’s so good that now we have also a printed CD to enjoy!