VV.AA. – Wave Earplug n.1

Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Wave Earplug n.1
Format: LP
Label: 4 Mg Records
Rated: *****
After the compilation series Vinylized, 4Mg Records has launched a new series called Wave Earplug. With this one, Imrich Végh a.k.a. Imiafan, is collecting tracks of bands around the world. On the first volume we have nine tracks/bands whose tracks’ sound is in balance between minimal synth and electro wave. All of them sound fresh and interesting and most of them are newcomers. What we have? Well, we have the following: Paralelo (Spain) with “Hasta La Muerte” bring in an electro goth tune, The Revolving Eyes (Belgium) with “Possession Analogique”, a nice minimal synth instrumental, Imiafan (Slovakia) is here with “Na Druhú Stranu Ulice”, a really dark sounding tune that will please the lovers of early Die Form, Venin Carmin (France) with “It’s Gonna Be Wild”, is sounding a little more pop but always catchy (I reviewed her album two years ago), Angaudlinn (Sweden) with “Rid!”, are sounding really particular as they sing in Sweden, I think, and I appreciated the vocals’ pathos and the analog rough sound, Exhausted Modern Featuring Zarkoff (Czech Republic / Croatia) with “Proximity” sound like The Hacker meets New Order, Trois Traffic (NL / USA) with “Cry Baby Cry” sound almost electro clash, Staatseinde (NL) with “Zyklus” are here with their “Neue-NiederlÄndische-Welle”, as they describe themselves (probably influenced by 80s Neue Deutsche Welle and new wave) and Second Planet (Germany), with “Vorbei”, brings here a melancholic cold wave tune. This is a really interesting compilation which is sold at a nice price. Check the whole tracklist here.