Jaap Vink – “S/T”

Artist: Jaap Vink
Title: S/T
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Recollection GRM
Rated: *****
With the release of a double LP by Jaap Vink, the Recollection GRM series coordinated by Daniel Teruggi and François Bonnet, moves from the focus of releasing music strictly produced by the GRM group but extend it featuring composers who are not strictly affiliated with them, but whose approach and aesthetics are similar. Compiled with the help of the Sonology Institute in The Hague, this collection contains seven tracks recorded from 1968 to 1985. Born in 1930, Jaap Vink He attended courses in electroacoustics at Delft University of Technology and installed a pedagogical studio for electronic music in 1961 at the Gaudeamus Foundation in Bilthoven with the help of the Nederlandse Radio Unie (NRU). He was a staff member at the Institute of Sonology as a teacher in analogue studio techniques from 1967 until his retirement in 1993. Using oscillators, tapes, filters and modulators he was able to build up a sound that was rich and majestic. The opening track “En Dehors” is a magmatic drone made of many small frequencies and the effect created is just beautiful. “Objets Distants” has been recorded in 1970 but it sounds ahead of its time. It’s sounding like travel through the space with hissing sounds, small feedbacks: a chaotic but yet controlled track that after seven minutes or raging sounds, turns quiet and minimal, playing with frequencies and feedbacks. “Stroma” is sounding like a strings orchestra which is on an astral voyage, where everything seems so distant and slow. The change of intensity and the multi layering is the key and Jaap Vink is a master in the process. “Granule” and “Residuals” pass from strong noisy parts to minimal ones and like the following “Screen” and “Tide 85” they play around the construction of multi tonal parts. I was amazed listening to this material and it recalls me also the same approach that nowadays artists like Boyd Rice on his “Children Of the Black Sun” had toward the construction of sound. Nice!