Dr Guilty – Caged Panoramas

Artist: Dr Guilty
Title: Caged Panoramas
Format: Tape
Label: Elephant Recordings
Rated: *****
Personal project of Gabriele Quartero, Dr Guilty, deliver their first release “Caged Panoramas” through Paul Mitchell’s tape label Elephant Recordings. The label’s aim is to alter the listener’s emotion thanks to the merging any form of art: photography, film, installation and, of course, music. In Hindu religion, followers pray to the Elephant God at the start of a journey. They pray in order to help remove any obstacles and clear a pathway to enlightenment, prosperity and knowledge. For this reason, the elephant has been chosen as label’s icon. Dr Guilty’s album is the fourth release of the label and brings to the attention of ambient music lovers four tracks composed by layers of guitar reverb where the sound is a constant wave of pulsing drones. If “Everything’s So Quiet” is a quiet fourteen minutes suite where slow guitar arpeggios fluctuate clashing into small melodies and humming sounds, the following “Mesa” and “Live Waves In An Old Movie” are an eight and an eleven minutes dark suites where hypnotic echoes slowly increase and find their zenith into small distortions. The release sounds nice for the lovers of the genre but, at times, slight variations into sound would help defining better the tracks.