Militia – Folk XII

Artist: Militia Title: Folk XII Format: CD Label: Oltre La Nebbia Il Mare (@) Rated: Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Early 80s. Even if that was a relatively small city, on those years, there, two bands and a club had an important role for the new wave/post punk scene. The two bands were Militia and Aidons La […]

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The Exaltics – Muted World

Artist: The Exaltics Title: Muted World Format: 12″ Label: Trust Rated: Robert Witschakowski has always been really active and also 2013 has started in a good way as The Exaltics already released a split 12″ EP and this new “Muted World” EP which has been released by Austrian label Trust. Available as 12″ and digital […]

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Poena – Likboden

Artist: Poena Title: Likboden Format: Tape Label: Belaten Rated: Recorded in the old morgue of the Sidsjon mental hospital in Sundsvall, “Likboden” is the first album by Poena, project of Poena Kristian Olsson (Survival Unit/Alfarmania) and Christian Godin. Poena is the spirit of punishment and the one side 60 minutes tape released by Belaten, contains […]

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Terence Hannum – Burning Impurities

Artist: Terence Hannum Title: Burning Impurities Format: Tape Label: Belaten Active with several projects (City Of Liars, Failsafe, Locrian and Unlucky Atlas), Terence Hannum is releasing for the Swedish tape label Belaten, his latest album “Burning Impurities”. The 60 minutes tape, which is available in a limited run of 200 copies, sees Terence performing two […]

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Dystopian Society – Cages

Artist: Dystopian Society (@) Title: Cages Format: CD Label: Af Music Rated: Dystopian Society are a three members band coming from Florence, Italy. Forming in 2010 they had their demo ready the year after. The five tracks of their self named demo showed very well to the audience that their sound is deeply rooted into […]

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