ELASTIK – Critik

Artist: ELASTIK [ contact {dot} elastik {at} gmail {dot} com ] Title: Critik Format: CD Label: Koma Records [ contact {at} komarecords {dot} com ] Rated: CRITIK is the second and newest album by a project coming from Paris / France called Elastik. Thomas Prigent is the main guy behind it and he collaborated with different people who composed the lyrics and sung on most […]

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SATIN JACKETS – Everywhere I Go

Artist: SATIN JACKETS Title: Everywhere I Go Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Mullet Records [ mulletrecords {at} gmail {dot} com ] Distributor: Juno Download Rated: EVERYWHERE I GO is the newest Satin Jackets single which is out now on Mullet Records. The track is a fresh funk wave song with dance attitude, deep bass lines, swinging guitar […]

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-=UHU=- – Return Of Atlantian EP

Artist: -=UHU=- Title: Return Of Atlantian EP Format: CD EP Label: Sauroid [ info {at} sauroid {dot} com ] Rated: After the Noisebrigade release, here’s the second electro marked release (code blu) of the Sauroid label. This time they flew to Latvia to bring to you, -=UHU=- (that stands for Universal Human Underground). After the last year 12″ EP […]

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METACOMPLEX – Polymer Matrix

Artist: METACOMPLEX Title: Polymer Matrix Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless) Label: Binalog Productions [ binalog {at} gmail {dot} com ] Distributor: Juno Download Rated: ‘Polymer Matrix’ is the first MetaComplex release for Binalog Productions. For this single, Tamas Olejnik included three good tracks which have robotics rhythms and sidereal atmospheres. The single opens with the title track “Polymer […]

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Artist: DAYBEHAVIOR [ info {at} daybehavior {dot} com ] Title: Silent Dawn Format: Download Only (MP3 only) Label: self-released Rated: SILENT DAWN is the newest Daybehavior digital single which works as an appetizer to their third album titled “Follow that car!”, which will be released soon. The single contains the excellent original version of “Silent dawn”, a mid tempo […]

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IMPAKT – Resonant Escape

Artist: IMPAKT Title: Resonant Escape Format: CD Label: Solar One Music [ invasion {at} the-exaltics {dot} com  ] Rated: After his CD released last year by the ‘Solar One Music’ sublabel ‘Unhoerbar’, Jorgen Indal (a.k.a. Impakt) is back on the main label with ‘Resonant Escape’. The new CD contains fourteen tracks that balance electro, techno, i.d.m., breakbeat and […]

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SANDRO CODAZZI – Sandro Codazzi

Artist: SANDRO CODAZZI Title: Sandro Codazzi Format: CD Label: Musica Di Un Certo Livello Rated: Sandro Codazzi is a guy who in the 90s played bass guitar into some dark wave bands. In 2004 formed the electronic duo Silicon Wafer and with them invented the “Electro blow job music”. I can’t tell how it sounded […]

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AIDAN CASSERLY – The Naming Of Blue

Artist: AIDAN CASSERLYTitle: The Naming Of BlueFormat: Download Only (MP3 only)Label: Ninthwave Records Rated:  Dedicated to his beloved brother Neville, who passed away the last October, THE NAMING OF BLUE is the second solo album by Aidan Casserly, know also for being the singer of Empire State Human and the now disbanded The Garland Cult. The new album, which […]

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